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Sales Manager

Sales Manager, Entry Level

All positions start entry level with advancement into management.

Hands on training provided for entry-level Sales Manager position.

We do not offer any door-to-door, telemarketing, or graphic design positions.

Are you a good fit?

In this position expect to be in a fast-paced sales environment learning new things daily. If you like to work with a diverse group of people, learn, teach, and have fun doing it, you will be a good fit. We prefer a BA/BS, however, we have successful sales managers that don’t. Please expect to work hard, and to develop your skill set in sales, management, and leadership.

We are looking for qualified candidates for our entry level Sales Manager position. After a proven track record team members enter the management training program. We firmly believe that good leaders must set the pace and lead from the front. This core value of ours is why we start every team member in the entry level sales manager position. We believe that understanding the technical aspect of sales, marketing, and general business is only the beginning. Strong leaders can not only teach their team what they know, but they can empathize with their team because they’ve been there.

Responsibilities include:

  • Training in all areas of our firm; from sales and marketing to sales team management
  • Sales, new account acquisitions
  • Helping our customers with stellar customer service
  • Assisting our clients in the acquisition of new quality customers
  • Gaining experience in public speaking and presentations
  • The opportunity to gain experience as an effective leader, trainer, account executive and mentor

Benefits Include:

  • An empowering team environment
  • Recognition for good work
  • A comprehensive training program
  • Professional and personal development
  • 1:1 mentoring with business professionals

Our commitment to our team is to provide a positive environment where like-minded people can network while gaining experience in all facets of business and leadership.

We only promote from within our own company and reward our team with unlimited potential for advancement from entry level into a management position. This way of management development ensures that the most capable are the ones leading.

Bachelors degree is preferred – Most Common Considered Majors: Marketing, Management, Communications, Public Relations, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, and Business & Entrepreneurship.